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Automatically generate pixel perfect and responsive ReactJS code from your Sketch designs

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Meet VanGoux

VanGoux dramatically reduces your frontend development time. Simply upload your designs and receive a pixel-perfect ReactJS app to kickstart your frontend development.

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Upload your landing page design or web app UI designs

Feature 03

Receive code

We share the code with you in a private Github repository

Feature 04

Share with devs

Your developers can add business logic or use it as a high fidelity prototype

Responsive output

VanGoux automatically detects responsive breakpoints. Simply use the same artboard name for responsive versions of a page.

Media queries are built using performant ReactMedia, that creates elements only when the media query matches.

Pixel perfect

Your designs always come out pixel perfect. Not only that, the layout adapts automatically as the browser window size changes.

CSS Grid makes your web pages magically flexible and helps in avoiding the drugdery of using "position:absolute".

Sync design changes

(Coming soon) As you make changes to your designs in Sketch, VanGoux automatically updates the auto-generated code as well.

Say goodbye to developer handoffs! Our LiveWire feature allows your engineers to always be up-to-date with design changes.

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